Our approach

01. Planning

The planning stage is a very vital part of the project, here we determine the business goals and what we need to do to achieve them. Before pushing on with your project, we make sure we understand every single requirement you have. Once we have a clear understanding of the project scope, we’ll discuss three main categories: research, requirements and architecture


02. Design

Using the details we’ve established during the planning stage, we can start to bring your ideas to life in the design phase. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide to the creation of your site, including a well-documented site structure and stunning visuals. At the end of this stage, your site will take shape and begin to incorporate the look of your brand, with the absence of the final content and framework code/build.

03. Development

The development stage is where our programmers get to work and create the solution’s functionality. We’ll carefully organise, comment and test the code to prevent any future problems that may occur down the line.


04. Testing

As we prepare to deploy the website, we move the project into the testing stage to make sure that it’s ready for public viewing. We finalise the design and content whilst continuing to test the websites functionality. We also make sure the design and user experience all meet your demands. The final part of this stage is to move the website to its permanent server, improve the loading speeds and complete our final testing.

05. Launch

Once the website passes the testing phase, it’ll be live and ready for visitors!


06. Maintenance

We won’t forget about you once your new site is live. During the maintenance phase, we’ll keep an eye on the website to make sure everything is functioning properly, and we’ll always be available to help with any future maintenance or training needs via a support and maintenance contract. If the project scope includes you maintaining/hosting the site, we’ll provide you with source code files and any other deliverables we’ve previously agreed upon.

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