Magento Hosting

Why choose ITS to host your Magento ecommerce site

Our cloud and dedicated web hosting packages offer flexible, fast and secure support for your Magento site hosted in our state of the art UK data centres. With reliable handling for any volume of traffic our Magento web hosting is Fast, Dependable and Secure.

Our Cloud packages are scalable – your hosting can grow with your business as your traffic increases. This is all backed by our responsive and highly personalised customer service — round the clock – intelligent hosting for all your Magento ecommerce hosting needs.

Getting the most from your Magento Hosting

Providing your customers with a fast and stable shopping experience is vital to your sites success – the last thing you want is customers abandoning orders due to frustration at site speeds. Magento is a fairly memory hungry platform, so it is important to match your site with the resources it requires, and here at ITS we will assist you to get the very best from those resources using tools such as Varnish, NGINX and Litespeed.

The Ultimate Magento Server

Every Magento store is different and that is why we offer a range of hosting solutions to suit both your site and your budget. This is why we have created the Magento Superbrew. As the name suggested, we have ‘brewed’ the ultimate server, configured specifically to Magento sites. At a glance you can expect:

Faster page load times
PCI Compliancy out of the box
Inbuilt caching – no third party plugins
Google SPDY and IPv6 compatible
and…compatible with Magento MultiSite
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Magento FAQs

Do you do any web developer work?

Yes we do, please see the Magento web development section on our site.

My Magento Store is slow – can you help?

We get asked this question a lot by people considering switching there hosting, and the answer depends on your setup and things like which modules you have installed etc. Our hosting is entirely directed at hosting database intensive sites like Magento and forums, so you can rest assured with ITS, you’d be with a host who is setup hardware wise to get the best speeds out of your site. Other areas we can look at are things like optimising your site, ensuring that you’ve got a sufficient amount of memory and that there are no PHP/server configurations slowing your site down.

Do you do any SEO work?

Yes we do, please see the SEO section of our site for more details

Which server control panels can I have?

We use CentOS virtualisation, and we offer Plesk, WHM/cPanel or base install (no control panel) on our servers. We only offer these three options as it means we can offer rapid support.

New Technology – SPEED!

In terms of optimisation, when you first move to ITS, we’ll perform a number of changes at OS level. These include APC, MySQL caching and possibly replacing Apache depending on your site and its traffic.

New technology and speed enhancements are an ongoing project throughout your hosting contract with us to continually improve your sites performance.

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