In the retail industry, customer insight has always been the driving force behind knowledge.

Realising the importance of this, ITS Web aims to equip stores with tools that aid in the collection of customer insights. In August we released ITS Insights, an all-in-one, end user analytics and feedback service. Now we’re looking to increase our range further with the development of Magento Extensions.

Our latest release is an audit log for Magento’s search function. The extension uses the Magento search function to create a database of search queries, along with the user ID and the number of items that are returned from each search. Each search query value (ID, userID, Search Query, Items found per search, searched at) can be filtered using standard Magento grid filtering functions.

Customer Search Audit Log can be obtained for free from the Magento Connect store. For further information or if you wish to download the extension it can be found here