On the 19 October 2015, Let’s Encrypt, the non-profit web security organisation run by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), announced that it had received cross signatures from IdenTrust, meaning that its SSL certificates are now trusted by all the major browsers.

Sponsored by Mozilla and Automatic, Let’s Encrypt’s mission was to offer free HTTPS encryption to the web. Let’s Encrypt promises to provide open source tools that automate the process for both applying and receiving the credentials, with no special configuration required.

This announcement has come as great news to the web industry, as Internet users call for more security to protect the ever-increasing amount of data that can be obtained from a website.

Website owners will not only benefit from reduced security costs but will also see benefits from other industry requirements. Adapting to HTTPS positively affects Google’s algorithms, which results in higher search rankings. HTTPS also adheres to Apple’s guidelines for delivering web content to mobile devices.