Last November, Magento released its 2.0 e-commerce platform. When Magento 2.0 was released it announced that a quarter-by-quarter roadmap would follow, beginning in 2016 and providing new features along the way.

The first batch of improvements are due at the end of this quarter and Magento will likely release further details closer to the date.

Staging and Preview

These new features will allow Magento owners to preview content, before publishing it to store visitors. This will allow merchants to run campaigns and calendar events as test runs before they would go live; this would include CMS pages, categories and products.

The staging functionality will only be part of Enterprise Edition.

Elasticsearch Integration

Again, this will only feature in Enterprise edition – the improved search functionality will replace the existing Solr integration.

The default product search will be vastly improved and considerably faster, providing higher quality search results.

Improved Payment Integration

The last improvement to report in Magento 2.1, is the improved payment interface.

PayPal and Braintree (also owned by PayPal) have been selected here. Further details are yet to be published but it would appear that PayPal is still an important partner to Magento after the split from eBay.