Google has announced two upcoming changes that will affect search results when viewed through a mobile device. Starting April 21, mobile search rankings will take into account a site’s mobile friendliness and increase the search rankings of sites already optimised for mobile devices.

Google stated this change will see a ‘significant impact’ on search results for mobiles globally, in an attempt to help users find higher quality content.

This latest announcement will come as good news for mobile users, who want quick access to easily viewable content. With the volume of search that is now conducted through mobile devices, webmasters should have all the motivation they need to improve their sites.

Google indexed apps will soon rank higher

The second part of the update will see applications that are indexed by Google, rank better for mobile search. For the time being, this update only applies to Android applications installed on a mobile device. Users, who are signed into an application, will then see mobile-friendly sites appear higher on their search pages.