In our recent blog post, we touched on the importance of having a responsive website, with the growing number of smartphone and tablet users in the UK. Today we look at how that number is affecting emails and the importance of responsive email design.

Email has always been considered a powerful marketing tool. In 2014, it was still well ahead of social media in terms of sales performance. To ensure email marketing continues its success, it has to continue to evolve with other technologies.

What is responsive email design?

The problem designer’s face with modern mobile devices; is the variety. When you think of all the manufactures, devices, applications and screen sizes available on today’s market, it adds up to a lot of unique combinations.

Responsive design is way of optimising email content for all of these combinations, improving user experience and correctly displaying media such as text, images or videos.

Some examples



  • Change in hierarchy
  • Increased size of text and icons
  • Scaled images
Why change?

An email not designed for mobile devices, may be a waste of your time. Last month Litmus announced that 53 percent of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, this is a growing trend that has seen a 45 percent increase since 2011.

Some quick statistics on email response

Responsive email design isn’t a costly procedure. It can be achieved by a designer with some additional coding, using media queries which are explained here.

Looking for help?

At ITS, we help our customers create and manage their email campaigns, ensuring responsive design is used throughout emails. Our respected consultants can advise you on the most effective means to reaching your target audience.

For more information about our email marketing services, check out our page on email marketing.