In an attempt to achieve project completion at a lower price, more and more companies are looking at outsourcing web design. Countries such as India, South America and Eastern Europe are offering web development services for a fraction of the price UK companies charge.

With the technologies such as VoIP and video conferencing readily available, working with clients abroad has never been easier. Foreign businesses are taking full advantage of this and are pushing the availability of their services to overseas clients.

What we often find is that clients who have previously experimented with overseas web development agencies often end up having to use a UK agency to either correct the project or to start from the beginning. This leads to the overall project cost being far more than what the average UK agency would charge.

Below we’ve listed a few other things to consider before outsourcing your web design abroad.

Lower hourly rates may mean inexperience

This is always the main appeal for foreign web development agencies. Agencies operating in countries with a lower minimum wage can charge a lower hourly rate for their services.

The most important consideration is that low hourly rates do not always result in a cheaper website.  There are many factors that can increase the overall time it takes to complete a project, which may cancel out the initial savings. For example, the lower rate may be due to a lack of experience, which could lead to several mistakes. The time and money spent correcting these mistakes could have been avoided by using a UK agency rather than outsourcing abroad.

The language difference could create a communication barrier

One of the key issues with outsourcing abroad is the language barrier. Many foreign companies are able to communicate verbally in English; however, your business concepts and abstract ideas may not be fully conveyed. There’s more to communication than just the language spoken.

The time difference makes them hard to reach

The time difference between the client and overseas developer can cause problems. As you move further away from the UK — east or west — it becomes difficult to reach your developer during your business hours. For example, South America is four hours behind the UK.  As you approach Asian countries, there’s an even larger gap, with India being five and a half hours ahead.

If you have a change or urgent request, replies can take over 24 hours, which can quickly increase the duration of a project by days or even weeks. As we mentioned above, this is part of the reason lower rates do not always equal a lower total cost.


The initial pricing for outsourcing abroad may seem low in comparison to UK agencies, but the risks are far greater. Clients who have attempted overseas projects often have to walk away before completion, losing valuable time and sometimes an initial deposit.

If you are planning a web design project, try our online estimation tool to get an idea of what your site will cost based on your requirements.