WordPress released its latest platform, 4.5 last week. Here’s a brief summary of what’s in-store for those looking to update.

As you may be aware, WordPress’ major updates begin with a whole new number, (next in line is 5.0). To make life easier for its users, WordPress has been releasing frequent smaller updates to improve the platform’s functionality. 4.5 is not the biggest update to be released but like all minor WordPress patches, delivers some useful features.

The main talking points come from improvements to the Customizer and the Visual Editor. WordPress has been working on improving the User Interface (UI) customisation and ease of use for some time – 4.5 certainly delivers.


The Customizer

WordPress will now allow themes to support adding custom logos in the Customizer. The theme will need the code built in beforehand, but from then on, it will provide the functionality in the UI.

The second update is that the Customizer now offers users a preview of their site as a responsive view. Simply click on the desired device icon to change your view setting between desktop, tablet or mobile.

The speed of Customizer has also been improved, allowing the ability to selectively choose elements to be refreshed, rather than the whole page.


The Visual Editor

The visual editor has seen some small changes. The interface for adding links is now inline, making less distracting and allows easier linking to your content. Hitting CTRL-K will now bring up a tooltip with an input field.

The second update is another ease of use update, bringing some new formatting shortcuts for horizontal lines and <code>.


On a final note, generated images will now load up to 50 percent faster and you can now log into WordPress with your email as well as your username.

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